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Rancho Patel is the bedrock of Alpareno’s culinary ingenuity. This two-acre farm in Homestead, is the primary source of produce for all of Alpareno’s restaurants. “Sundays at The Rancho” is an outstanding celebration of food where the Alpareno team curates an immersive dining experience prepared, cooked, and served on the farm. Guests have the privilege of harvesting some of the crops to be served that afternoon. These sell-out events generate revenue, serve as the primary testing ground for new menus and concepts, and  educate guests all while indulging in a transcendent dining experience! The Rancho boasts a unique lineup of seeds and saplings carefully curated over the years including bronze fennel, sunchokes, purple sugar apple, lychee, everglade tomatoes, and 10 varieties of mango.

The Rancho is more than a farm, it serves as Chef Niven’s home and is the greatest source of inspiration for the restaurants. Alpareno stays true to its promise to source the freshest most local ingredients.  The menus continuously evolve depending on the daily harvest which has kept guests returning regularly to taste new dishes.